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Looking for fellow builders to chill with on Switch.

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Am at postgame again for the second time, and just grinding out like you'd expect in another Dragon Quest game. My little brother's a bit farther in than I am, but we both play on Switch if there's anyone looking to mess around.

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I don't have the full game on Switch.  Just PS4.  Not a priority at the moment, as there are other games I need to get, and I'm trying to focus on a few other things like selling off and donating old stuff (surprisingly difficult going through boxes to determine value....I just went through my card collection, and wow is that going to be a pain to unload...nothing worthwhile unfortunately, even for really popular players, as I don't have rare one-time cards, only common cards...and wow did that cost a lot of money buying those super boxes with the hope of getting rares, but the players chosen for those rares are the issue, and the only actual rare and valuable cards I had are destroyed as I was too young to fully appreciate them, so I stuck them into a bag where over time and moving around, they eventually got damaged to zero value, and what's left that is quality and 100% clean is meh...I'd probably have to sell the whole set and take a massive hit, but eh, if I have to, I have to).

Right now my priorities in gaming are:

1) paying off Ys 9 (switch version, so I have to assure I have the funds when it releases and I get charged)

2) PS5

3) Saving up for the next Nintendo Switch iteration, as it's a real hardware upgrade

4) 3rd New 3DS unit, as I damaged one of my two (surface, but it dropped into rocks, face down, and it was my favourite 3DS).  Maybe I'll go New 2DS.

5) Whatever new Dragon Quest games come out...this will probably end up in slot #3 depending on the game (DQB3 for PS5/NewNintendoSwitch, and/or DQ4~9 Switch, in which case I'll shell out for 1~3 finally, or DQ3 remake in DQ11's style, or DQ9's remake, or DQ12...anything else will be locked to this slot in priority)

6) Final Fantasy 16

7) Xenoblade Chronicles X Switch remaster (not announced, but all the hullabaloo indicates it will)

8 ) Xenogears Switch remaster (I can see this one coming)

9) Bloodborne 2 (oh, I see this one on the horizon after Elden Ring)

10) FF 5 , 6 , and 7 part 2 remakes (5 and 6 are a definite future release...at some point, 6 would have instant prioritization)

11) Ys 5 remake

12) Etrian Odyssey Switch, whenever that happens...it's a touch screen...go split Atlus, that would work, or a screen in screen mode that can be swapped at any point, with improved auto-mapping functions, but force special stuff like Switch's to be player positioned).

13 and below) Somewhere in here would be DQB2 Switch...I'd probably prioritize PC, but that would require a more powerful laptop or me building a new desktop


Though hey, if things work out in a few areas, and I'm good with funds sooner rather than later, than yeah, I'll join you, assuming you're still around and still playing (assuming this is pre DQB3, which again, I'd definitely prioritize).

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6 hours ago, Plattym3 said:

Poor guy just wanted to build with others.

You really kind of can't.  More explore with other people on their islands, and get a few blueprints (which I think the cap is 5 or 10?, I forget, but it's not very high), which is also capped in total size, though I forget the dimensions, but it's sad given how massive some projects are.  Someone built an entire lifesized replica of the Temple of Solomon, and all adjacent temples.  Another person created a bunch of Godzilla monsters, another multiple flying islands and ships, similar to...oh I forget if it was Skies of Arcadia, or based on some book series.

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On 3/28/2021 at 1:04 PM, Plattym3 said:

Poor guy just wanted to build with others.

I forgot I created this topic tbqh. No notifications lol. Too busy on Heroes 2 making the guide for the site.

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