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Major info for Heroes 2: Ragnar McRyan edition

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Got em! Ragnar appears during the battle to retake Accordia, which is fairly late into the game. It's after the Battle of the Great Divide, and just shortly after the king betrays you, manipulated by Fractos in disguise. He appears in the first room you retake, and there's some dialogue spoken. He apparently does not appear in any major cutscenes. Will confirm more about this as the game goes on. Ragnar literally has zero MP, and all his moves use exactly zero MP as well, meaning this is completely unique to him and a nice throwback to DQ4.

Ragnar uses Healix for a lot of his moves. Healix will cast some version of Muster Strength for him. It's not a true Oomph in the sense that it affects all party members. It is just for him, which is Muster Strength's function. Ragner's attack string goes up to four hits, which is R4 in Warriors terminology. He only has a C1, or combo attack 1, which is the Muster Strength buff from Healix. The longer you hold C1, the longer it lasts. I don't know the names of any of his abilities, but Ragnar can use attack string and C1 out of a significant portion of them. After Ragnar does four hits of attack string, it just repeats itself over and over, looping into itself. After the first four hits, Ragnar's attack speed will increase for both his attack string, and the speed of C1. Ragnar can also do a slash, which he then follows up with a back dash out of for safety.

Ragnar starts at level 37, with eleven proficiency in the one handed sword weapon category. Despite lacking a shield, Ragnar does in fact have a parry! I've included it all in a video right here:

If someone could please help translate this for the community, I'd be much appreciated. I've covered everything he comes with in here so far.

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Just found out at least one new one handed weapon was added to the game. My little brother did a translation with his phone. It's called the "Sleepy Sword". Attack +99, 2% chance to induce sleep.

-There are cutscenes with Ragnar, but they're in game cutscenes. So far none of the major cinematic cutscenes seem changed.

-There's a sidequest that involves Ragnar.

-Malroth has been added to the game as a new dungeon boss.

-Float-o-copiers who copy Ragnar use his Unbridled Blade ability.


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I have more info on Ragnar's attack speed mechanic. After those first four hits of attack string I mentioned, he gets this unique coloration over his body. All of his attacking abilities have faster start up.

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