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Stream compilation for Heroes 1 and 2: Useful for guides, walkthroughs, how to optimize characters, etc.

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I'm putting this together more for people who want to maximize their use out of characters, or learn more about the game in general, etc. For this one I did a couple of Estark matches with sage and whip, then I did one for Psaro. Used Evac out of the first fight though because he hopped too much. Anyways, got a new PB for sage at 5:30 for the very first fight of the video. I came within three seconds of my actual PB with Psaro, so both good matches overall if you want to learn how to fight him efficiently. Lastly I did a round of the Magic Maze, and got one of the worst bosses you can get for it in general. Thankfully the run was very smooth. That extra damage from Oomph made a lot of difference.

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