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Gladiator and Astronomer Vocation DQ of the Stars Info


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Thank you to @Bluestar for the info for the basic level bonuses for Gladiator and Astronomer


And all 3 of the Revocation bonuses for Gladiator and the first 2 revocations for Astronomer.


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You're welcome! I have a friend who is at Revocation 2 level 98 on Astronomer. I am just waiting for that last level up to get the Rev 3 information! :) 

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And here is the last entry!


Astronomer Revocation 3:

Lv1;  Astronomer's Bright Idea

Lv10; Max HP +3

Lv20; Resilience +2

Lv30; Snub Lv8

Lv40; Magic Attack +5

Lv50; Max HP +3

Lv60; Magic Healing +5

Lv70; Star's Guidance Lv8

Lv80; Resilience +2

Lv90; Max HP +3

Lv99; Luck + 5

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Added to the page, thank you again :)

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