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DQMJ2 Professional English Patch How-To?

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I'm a big fan of the Dragon Quest Monsters Joker franchise, and I've been trying to play the Professional version of Joker 2, but I cannot get the English Patch to work for me. I'm trying to use a program called "xdelta3.exe" to install the patch, but the instructions are vague, and it isn't working at all. Even when I drag the files into the program, it doesn't work. If possible, I would like some help to get it working, or if it's possible, somehow get a already-patched version with a free save slot. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask... (attached is an image of the files I have on the left and the "instructions" on the right)590226452_Screenshot2021-03-05200123.thumb.png.7ecbee2e4222dce87fe0a808fc70358d.png

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