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I haven't played the translated 3 yet, so I won't be of any help, sorry.

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They drop from Green Scissors and Canniboxes.  The latter would be maddening, I'd think, so go after the green scissors in silent meadow.  The easiest way would be this:  Catch yourself a Carnivine in the fallen city.  (The mega-size piranha-plant monster in the Fallen City.)  They have hit squad x3 right off the bat.  Buy yourself one of them thief skillbooks and use it on the Carnivine.  You can use the cheapest one by the way, it still has Klepto Clobber in it.  (I think.)  Then go after green scissors.  I'm pretty certain each monster in the battle can only drop one item, so I wouldn't bother bonking anything more than once.  Keep in mind the battle needs to finish in this game for you to get the item, so don't run or try scout anything once you get the gem to drop.

Also, if you've got the mutation finder unlocked for your reactor, try to klepto clobber the fully mutated colored ones.  Someone over GameFAQs once told me colored monsters have a much higher drop rate for their rare item drops, though I have absolutely no idea if its true or not and I'm way too lazy to go test it myself.

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