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“Dragon Quest - Seirei Rubiss Densetsu” Official English Release

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Hi, I would like to start a campaign for an official english translation for “Dragon Quest - Seirei Rubiss Densetsu.”

From what I know, this light novel/manga series never got an official english translation. Why not? Does Square Enix find them embarrassing? Are they just forgotten? The reasons are vast, but alas... we can do nothing but speculate. It’d be great if we could get this english translation, since I, among others would really like to read them. I think it would be great for the western Dragon Quest audience and an awesome present for DQ’s 35th anniversary.

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Couldn't agree more. 

I do hope at least the novels could be translated in France, since we've had a lot of DQ related stuff recently (Daï, twice and soon thrice, Emblem of Roto, Emblem of Roto Returns, Emblem of Roto To Those who Inherit the Emblem, the DQ 30th anniversary artbook...) and some FF novels (the FFXV true ending at the very least, and manga. 

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