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I have a strong Jewel Bag but i want to breed her

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I would breed it. The offspring will be stronger than the JewelBag once its leveled up enough. Make sure you breed it with a monster that either has good skills or high stats. For example, if you tamed a Lionex in Reflection, then breeding it with JewelBag would give you HealUs and good level 1 stats (Pixy would learn TwinHits, too).

Also, you will inevitably have to grind at this point in the game, since the Starry Night Tournament is coming up.

I would be careful about making another high tier monster right now. They're rare and powerful, but they are a pain to level up. I say this because you already have GoldSlime and Divinegon already. Monsters like GreatDrak and GoldGolem are fine, but I would avoid anything else that needs 100exp at level 1.

To be perfectly clear, KEEP the GoldSlime and Divinegon. Don't breed them until they reach a high level, since certain skills require levels in the 30s (36 for BigBang, 38 for MegaMagic, and Chance is 40).

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