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Step By Step Guide to obtain a main banner monster you want at the start of the game

*Download the app, if you already have it and are not satisfied with the monsters you have plus arn't that far in the game anyway then delete the game (more on how to do that later)
*Skip the tutorials 
*Claim the login bonuses (which you will anyway)
*On the home menu (where you see your slime knight starter monster) go to the claim rewards button and claim everything, you SHOULD have around 3000 gems as the game gives you them for starting the app (never forget to claim the gems every time as you need them to get into the banners)
*Go to the Scout menu
*Choose a banner (preferably an event banner with an exclusive S rank monster) ignore the reroll banner for now
*Once you choose a banner pay the 3000 gems and see what you get
*If you don't get the monster you want go back to the home menu screen (or just quit the app)
*Go to the menu and press on the Back to Title button (or again you can quit the app)
*At the title press on the Data Management button
*Press on the Delete Data button and agree to delete the game
*Keep repeating this whole process till you get the monster exclusive you want

As you process through the game you should be able to earn enough for 3000 gems anyway so you can do the reroll banner and keep re rolling infinetly till you get the pulls you are satisfied with (if the game boots you out of the app randomly or you turn the device off then the game won't already accept whatever pulls you just pulled meaning that you can safely return to the banner and pay the gems as they return to you and do it again)

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My Dragon collection is almost done 🐲

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I keep seeing the term "banner monster" but I have no clue what that is. What's that a term for?
Yeah I don't know this either. I don't gacha that often.

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The banner monster is basically the main monster that is displayed on the banner, AKA like the Dragonlord is the main banner monster for the dragonlord banner. This could also apply to any other monster only exclusive to that banner.

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