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Sidequest #014 - Indie Lovin'

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Eal has successfully made me want to play a VN, and I generally don't like VNs. you made it sound cool so let's hope it doesn't disappoint!

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Here’s the descriptor/time stamps for the episode:

“Hosts YangustheLegendaryBandit & Plattym3 welcome back “the other B-team” of Bururian, Bluestar, and Bevan/Brandon/Evan to talk about their favorite Indie titles! From a single man to a crew of a few, these games weren’t ever made in a AAA studio!”

4:50 - The Dream Machine

15:00 - Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

23:00 - Cuphead

40:20 - Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria

52:00 - VA-11 Hall-A

1:04:00 - Guacamelee

1:14:00 - Wandersong

1:21:30 - Stardew Valley

1:42:00-  A Short Hike

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