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Episode #032 - RPG Wizard & Dragon Quest IX Multiplayer, featuring guest host Bluestar

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@Bluestar joins as a guest host to interview my Nintendo World/NY DQIX Tag Mode Tuesday co-op friend, @RPG Wizard


Here's the original Dragon's Den Topic for Tag Mode Tuesday's group.

Things I forgot to mention on the podcast:

Dekablue wanted me to point out that the NYC staff at NintendoNY were always surprised how long we kept Tag Mode Tuesday going as a fan event. It actually started out as an official Nintendo World event at Rockefeller Center, before it eventually became a fan-run thing with RPG Wizard and a healthy crew of regulars running it by the time I got there. Over time it dwindled to about 4-5 people, with myself, RPG Wizard, DDDDrova, Dekablue and Cyrus being the most often recurring attendees.

One strategy we used to use for Tag Mode Tuesday was to generate the tension boost with the Gladiator's coup during a legacy boss battle. If we were lucky enough to reach 100 tension we would switch to Uber Falcon Blade and then (if we were lucky not to get Disruptive Waved) we would choose Blind Man's Biff, which normally has a damage cap of 9999, but with a Falcon blade that's two 9999 attacks, so you have the potential to hit for 19998, total. This was almost always a boss-ending move.

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