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does anyone have a list of all the monster whistles and where they drop? (apart from the mottle king)

ran through the rubiss n golden dragon events but got nothing, dont know what levels to farm, or if theres other places to look. cheers

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I don't have a list, but I got some from the Dragon Quest V event when it was running.

If you check out this Japanese page with google translate it is the list of whistles - https://game8.jp/archives/166602

You can then click on each whistle and near the bottom the whistle's page will list what events it has come from, it also shows related whistles, like for the golden dragon event it lists these


You could try multiplayer, I sometimes seem to get more whistles when doing the multiplayer versions of events.

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Most of the whistles drop in the DQV event, but there were a few that released in the most recent Stargazer event (Early December, IIRC).


You should be able to get some from the Hidden Monster Village key door. Right now, those are available as a ticket purchase in the Celestial Tournament.

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