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A few questions about the game

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Hi, did they start blocking american ips again? And I can't seem to have much luck recovering my password, I remember those confirmation emails taking a while before but I'm not sure what's up with it now. Been waiting over an hour and nothing on the email has shown up. 

Got a little further and remembered the old password but it says my account was compromised and to wait for an e-mail, but I still have yet to receive any email from them in 2 weeks.

Also wondering where to buy v5, since amazon doesn't seem to let me order the download ban.

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I'd personally recommend Playasia for your V5 purchase, imports are their speciality, but as for the rest I'm unsure sorry.

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Still no IP block for North America.  That could change whenever, though.

Going with Amazon JP digital download will always be your best, and possibly cheapest, option.  Not sure what you mean by "download ban," though.  Just tried buying it again and I was able to get to checkout with no problems.

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