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Gaming Goals 2021

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32 minutes ago, Plattym3 said:
9 hours ago, cprmauldin said:
Thanks for the list!
Played DW III and Monsters/Monsters II on the GBC. I’ll check into Mega-Man and Lufia emoji16.png

I played the first Megaman Battle Network just this September & talked about it on Slime Time Sidequest. It was surprisingly quite good. I enjoyed it and rarely enjoy action or tactical combat, but that was pretty cool (and super fast)

Oh yeah I do remember you posting about it. I’ll have to track down that slime time and listen to it during a commute.

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32 minutes ago, cprmauldin said:

Oh yeah I do remember you posting about it. I’ll have to track down that slime time and listen to it during a commute.

You can skip the Fire Emblem Sacred Stones and Mother 3 portions of that episode. They aren’t worth hearing.

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Gaming Goals for 2021:

  1. Complete at least through the end of Act 2, Dragon Quest XI, full Draconian, Solo Hero on PS4
  2. Complete at least one Dragon Quest FAQ, just one, starting small...
  3. Build out my Isle of Awakening to a certain degree in DQB2: first, complete the rest of the Tablet Targets...I think I have like 15~20 left?, then the underwater inverse pyramid where the pyramid is, complete with underwater pyramid hotel and underwater railroad system leading to other parts of the island, and the super rail system at least from the pyramid section to the port, and over the oasis, and at least stations leading to the other island sections.  Also the three arial islands over the pyramid, and refinish the pyramid walls.
  4. Build out the tower in the limited "share" box afford in DQB1 on Switch.
  5. Complete my 2D full Draconian run on Switch
  6. Actually beat Bloodborne on my own system
  7. Pick 5 older games I haven't played, and complete them

Older game selection chart I'm considering:

  • Wii - Muramasa , Pandora's Tower , Okami , DQSwords , The Last Story , LoZTP , Metroid Prime 3
  • GC - Baten Kaitos , Paper Mario , Tales of Symphonia , LoZWW , Metroid Prime 1 and 2 , Viewtiful Joe , Fire Emblem Path of Radiance , Eternal Darkness
  • DC - Grandia 2
  • 360 - Enchanted Arms , Eternal Sonata , Tales of Vesperia , Fallout , Assassin's Creed 1 and 2
  • PS2 - Xenosaga 3 , Rogue Galaxy , Lord of the Rings: The Third Age , Final Fantasy X-2 , Onimusha 1~3 , Persona 3 FES , SMT 3 , Shadow Hearts 1~3 , Odin Sphere, Legaia 2 , Breath of Fire V , Grandia Xtreme , Romancing SaGa , Suikoden 3~5 + Tactics , Front Mission 4 , Phantom Brave , Arc the Lad , Wizardry , Kingdom Hearts , Tales of the Abyss and Legendia , Okage , Dark Cloud 1 , Growlanser Generations , Atelier Iris , Warriors of Might and Magic , Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance , Jade Cocoon 2 , Tenchu 2 , DMC 1 and 3 , MGS 2 and 3 , Soul Reaver , Shadow of the Colossus , Ar Tonelico , Digital Devil Saga 1+2 , Disgaea , Zone of the Enders 1 + 2 , Castlevania Lament + Darkness , Champions of Norrath ...I think that's good, there are a lot of PS2 games I never got around to either finishing or playing at all
  • DS - Rune Factory , Front Mission , Contact
  • PSX - Thousand Arms , Jade Cocoon , Musashi , Vagrant Story , Legend of Mana , Grandia (I've beaten it, but I'll relist it here because I don't recall the ending or story) , Legend of Dragoon , SaGa Frontier 2 , Koudelka , Shadow Madness , Persona 1 + 2 EP , Guardian's Crusade , Valkyrie Profile , Suikoden , Vandal Hearts , Brigandine , Arc the Lad Collection, Hoshigami

I think that's it.  I'm fairly certain I've beaten my N64, SNES, NES, and Genesis libraries, or at least the majority of them.  I don't feel like getting them out to check.  Same with GB/GBC and GBA.

Yeah...a lot of games I've gotten halfway or partially through, then life or a different game pops up.  Though recently it's more that if I do play games, I just play Dragon Quest, and on occasion, Ys, Final Fantasy, Xeno-something, or an EO game.


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11 hours ago, YangustheLegendaryBandit said:

You can skip the Fire Emblem Sacred Stones and Mother 3 portions of that episode. They aren’t worth hearing.

Haha. I’ll probably listed anyway, I never mind hearing RPG talk.

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On 12/31/2020 at 1:42 PM, cprmauldin said:

Woooo! Crazy we are already approaching 2021.

My goals in 2020 were super broad and directional in nature. I’ll try some more specific games this time:

1. Beat Pokémon Emerald and at least one other Older game  played on the system it was made for (I’ll pre-allow myself to play GB and GBC titles on my GBA). I’ve also got Rogue Galaxy in the back of my head on this one.

2. Play and beat Bravely Default (super excited to start this one).

3. Play and beat DQ II. I’ve played, but never beaten DQ II. This will be the last title I need to have beaten all of the NA-released DW/DQ games in some form. 

4. Increase my game-time even more. I’m still in the 3-8 hours per week range and I’d very much like to be in the 8-20 hours per week range.

Other than that, I’m leaving it open to see what the year brings!!



Time for a mid-year check-in. Let’s see how I’ve done:

1. I did beat Pokémon Emerald. It felt great. I’ve got a Fire Emblem repro cart sitting on my shelf, and I’ll start it as soon as I finish Bravely Default. Absent any technical issues, I should be able to play through it. I also downloaded Rogue Galaxy on PS4 the other day, I know it’s not the PS2 version but If I can get it started by the end of the year, I’ll cut myself some slack surrounding the fact I won’t be playing it in it’s original form.


2. I’m closing in on 35 hours into Bravely Default and had fared well so far. 


3. Just wrapped up DQ II on the Switch. It felt fantastic to finish. 


4. Happy to say my game-time has increased this year. Right now I’m averaging 8-12 hours a week, though I do have slow weeks here and there when I get busy. I feel like this has been the toughest goal to tackle over the last few years but I think I’m doing well. 


...All in all, the most important thing is, I’m having an absolute blast with gaming this year, diving into new games and series’ that I never thought I’d have the time to engage in. Great, great gaming year for me so far. Here’s to the second half being even better!!

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1. Persona 5 Royal - this has to get done. It's been what? 4 years now?

2. Yakuza 7 - seems to fun not to get to soon.

3. Bravely Default 2 - I'm sure this will be a beefy game like it's predecessors.

4. More Legend of Heroes. I should beat the first Crossbell game in the 50-60 hour mark this week. The second Crossbell game and Trails of Cold Steel 2 are at least that long. I'll have CS3 & CS4 waiting for me on Switch, but I really don't envision getting to them in 2021.

1. No planned time yet.

2. Got under 10 hours in. I liked it, but not playing on PS4 bias kicked in...

3. Did it.

4. Haven't done it. Still could see Crossbell 2 and Cold Steel 2 this year.

My 2021 drastically changed on April Fools. That day DQM2 3DS released. I modded my 3DS and immediately sunk 70 hours into the game (goal of long games ) and I got deep into my 3DS. Beat Theatrhythm Dragon Quest too. 3DS > PS4 for me to pick up and play. This might kill goal #1 and #2.
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