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Miel Art thread

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Hi! in the introduction forum I have mentioned that I'm an artist (more like a hobbyist with a professional level but makes no money from it), and since I'm going to start making DQ fanart moving forward I felt like making a thread that I will continuously update whenever I make new art :wd_coolslime:.

Consider this thread as my art dump, or something along those lines, thank you for passing by!
Also, I will feel free to take anyone's suggestion or comment as an idea to be drawn in the future, but this isn't a request thread :wd_coolslime:.


I didn't really know what to do first to introduce my art, so I made my DQoTS character


aaand I was bored, made this slime on ms paint


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Very cool :thumbsup:

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merry christmas!
(spent 30 minutes on this, but i don't regret it :wd_coolslime:)


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