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Episode #029 - Live from Luida's Bar

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2 hours ago, Plattym3 said:

Also *not live*

False advertising? ;)

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Well, we were live at the point Kristof and I were at the bar. *checks pulse* Yep. Speaking for myself, I still am.

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Much thanks to Woodus for posting the YouTube version, featuring photos from trips to both the old and new bar.

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Fun to see all the Luida pictures.

I am pretty sure that it isn't reservation only, just reservation highly suggested. I understand that they have a timed cycle on the weekend that might require reservations but you can walk in on a weekday without too much fuss most of the time. If it is full it is full though

Liamland is not wrong, the Royal Room did have a Karaoke system in it. The mikes and the like were not openly placed so it might not have been immediately obvious, but the TV in the room does indeed hook into the Karaoke system and there was a tablet there that you could use for song selection. As a default the TV played the normal DQ game commercials. I think I found out about the Karaoke system when we wanted to turn the TV volume down. The Royal Room was accessible by going downstairs from the main entrance and then turning right. It is important to note that Luida's bar is a collaboration with Pasela Resort (This link currently still shows the old bar and the stairs on the left of the picture are how you get to the Royal Room). One of the things that they specialize in is Karaoke rooms. One time when my team could not reserve the Royal Room we got a special DQ Karaoke room in the building next to Luida's where you could still order off the Luida menu etc. The metal slime from that Karaoke room seems to have been moved to the Akihabara Luida's.


On the topic of the arcade games. The first series of monster card arcade games were the "Monster Battle Road" series. The Wii game "Victory" was based on this series and used the DSi to scan your cards into the game. I don't know if it still works, I kind of doubt it. I think I might have bought my DSi just for that feature. Scanner was a sequel game series after Monster Battle Road, and I don't think the MBR cards worked in Scanner. The Scan system was different after all. Based on things I read off of Twitter it sounds like Scanner was not as popular as the earlier Battle Road game series, and I think they have been gone for a bit. The latest arcade game from that same lineage would be the Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Cross Blade arcade game. Many of the cards resemble Battle Road cards (though you can't use those of course). I put pictures of the cards I own up in the Dai thread the other week if anyone wants to see them. I imagine that due to the nature of these games you won't find any of the old systems around Japanese arcades anymore.


On DQ9 remakes, while the Metal King Slime maps were just from the way that maps were generated randomly and were somewhat of an unintended bug, they were extremely popular and considered a positive bug for the game, so I think they would want to keep something like it, but I don't know how they would want to do map trading in a Switch version of the game to begin with. I think that the timed chest and other hoimi table cheats would not carry over at all though.


(Archive of Pasela Resort page for the version with Roppogi)

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