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Yross' Complete Monster Appareance List

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Yross' Monster Appearance List

4 hours ago, Yross said:

Hello everyone ! Some months ago, I made a post about a chart that I made. A list of (almost) all the monsters of the Franchise.  For the past months, me and Woodus have been working on a new section of the website, a list containing exactly that : all the monsters of all the main games, monsters games, and main spin-off games of the Dragon Quest Franchise.

Similar to the main lists already present on the website, it list new information for the monsters, notably which games introduce one monsters, the various games it appears in, and the percentage of apparition throughout the 35 games Listed. It also lists more monsters than the original list, notably those from untranslated games or updates, those monsters not having official names (3952 monsters as of when I'm writing this), so yes, most of these names are not officials. Along with a percentage of how many new monsters were added in each game. More info are present on the front page of the list !

Anyway, this list is not meant to replace the old one you all know and love, and should be used more as a trivia list if you want to flex and show how many monsters were added to the franchise in the "Torneko's Great Adventure" series.

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So, if you want to check it out, you can either use this link, or from the website -> Resources -> Monster Appearance.

For me, I will try to keep it as updated as possible. Also, I'm human so it's (fairly) possible that the list has mistakes, so all the experts are invited to tell me if they spot some, so it can be corrected. If anyone has better images for some of the monsters (because I'm mostly working from 240p screenshots for most of the untranslated ones), or any suggestion at all, please share or message me, I'll try to reply quickly.

Anyway, thank you all for reading this French made post (I hope you did read it...), and thanks to Woodus for carrying the project !! :)

Original topic here if you would like to discuss: https://www.woodus.com/forums/topic/40695-dragon-quest-the-complete-monster-appareance-list/


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