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Dragon Quest V, VI, and 16-bit III data dive found

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I've recently stumbled upon a website, https://w.atwiki.jp/dq_binary, that lists the locations of several bits of data in the 8-bit and 16-bit versions of classic games, with the example below being a part of the RAM data for 5 run through a quick yandex translation. I hope this information advances Dragon Quest hacking as much as possible.

7e0300: sprite data
7e2000-7e2a9f: range to be included in the save data
7e2019-7e201b: gold on hand
7e201d: party number
7E201E:horse-drawn carriages
7E201F:how many people outside the carriage?
7e203a-7e203b: deposited gold (*1000)
7E203C-7E203E: casino coins
7e2040-7e218f: party character data(2Ah*8)
7E2190 -: event flags
7e2332-7e2879: deposited Monster data(1AH*)
7e294a-7e29e9: bar character data(20h*5)
7e3000 -: people's data(20h*X, 00-07:operation character or vehicle, 08-1f: town people)
7E3020: x-coordinate
7E3040: x-coordinate higher
7E3080: Y coordinate
7E30A0: upper y coordinate
7e31e0:character orientation(+10:right, +20:left, +40:down, +80: up, lower 4bit is the next orientation)
7E36E0: reaction number when talking
7E3700: top response number when talking
7E3200: character sequence number (starting from 00)
7E3220:character graphic number
7E34E0: Sprite size
7E3500: Sprite size
7e4000-7e4fff: for graphics
7E5000-7E5FFF:for graphics
7e8000-7e005f: character address Group
7E8060 -: character graphic number group
7efc00 -: map data

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3 hours ago, DragonQuest2IsGood said:

Who cares? Those games are already translated.

I'm talking about hacks dumb-dumb, such as moving those modern scripts to the original versions for starters. Think before you speak.

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