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When I play an RPG, I like to weigh my options. After all, these games are entirely about decision making, in the end. So when it comes to the vocations in Dragon Quest, I like to be as informed as I can be when choosing them.

There's a problem with this when it comes to III, though: what the heck stats can you expect your playable characters to have?

Pretty big thing to not know. I've read guides that list formulas, some that use vague adjectives as measurement (high, low, etc:), and some that list the base level 1 stats (which aren't that helpful because the growth rates vary for the remaining 98 levels) but finding concrete, useful numbers is difficult.

The wiki (.org) has been the most helpful as always, but they seem to be for the NES version (which is apparently different), and for some reason Mage and Thief do not have their stats listed at all.

So I know this is probably a big ask, but for each of the vocations + Hero, what are their base stats at level 99 in the most recent versions of Dragon Quest III?

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