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I made a calculator game for TI-83 and TI-84!

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Download it here

Or visit my new site here

This game takes up most of the calculator's memory. Plus some additional memory because of the save files.

I've played Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire 2, Pokemon, and other RPGs, so they probably influenced the game.

The format is simple, because my programming skills are still pretty limited. I copied the code from the notes I made last year, so it should work, but let me know if there's bugs/errors

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know!

Also, the second link takes you to my game site, and it has links for a TI-84 emulator

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Ok. It should be all set now.



Save files are in lists Wes11, Wes12, and Wes13. The List ACTIV is used during gameplay

Practically all variables are used in the game, and most Strings are used as well.

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