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M slot housing

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Hello, im currently playing DQX and i was looking around the housing areas. Me and my friends are both on trial. I was able to purchase the S sized slot homes, and of course customize everything in and out. But when it came to purchasing a M sized slot, I was unfortunately, unable to even buy the slot. My other two friends are on trial and they were able to purchase the M size slots. But im confused as to why I couldn’t. We thought it was a trial thing at first, but that wasnt it because they were able to proceed with the purchase of the M sized slots. When i go to purchase it, this is the message that comes up

Jp: 土地を購入できませんでした。現在のプレイ環境では最安値になっているSサイズの土地のみ購入することができます。

Eng:  “Land could not be purchased.  You can only purchase S size land, which is the lowest price in the current play environment.”

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me or explain to me as to why this is happening 


thank you

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