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Yuusha Avan to Gokuen no Mao: The Adventure of Dai Spinoff Manga series

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Starting in the December issue of VJump magazine (with a preview in the November issue) is a new Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai spinoff manga series titled "Yuusha Avan to Gokuen no Mao". It is a prequel based off of the adventure of the hero Avan with his original battle against the "Dark Lord" Hadlar.

The December magazine has Dai and Avan on the cover.




It also includes a card for the new Dragon Quest arcade game (which is very similar to the old Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Arcade game)



Color Page and First page



The first chapter is pretty much a redrawing of the original "Yuusha Avan" bonus manga that ran back during Dai's serialization that was included in the compilation volumes. Below you can see a comparison for the first two pages. Frame for frame it replicates the original story, but removes the section where Roca says he will never fall in love with a women. There is also a few more pages at the end that introduce Hadlar's henchmen for this series.

Page 1 comparison


Page 2 comparison



Currently V Jump is especially attractive to Dragon Quest fans because outside of this serialization and the the coverage of the Dai anime, it also covers the various games and includes digital codes for various games (This volume has one for DQX). Currently, counting this manga, there are three Dragon Quest manga serialized in VJump. Dragon Quest Souten no Soura, which takes place in the world of DQX and the comedic action slime manga "Slime Dawn" (Though Slime Dawn seems like it could be ending soon).

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