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Dragon Quest Monsters: is the community extinct?

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Mainly saying this because the last post on the older games in the series seem to be 5~ yrs old


(EDIT: There are a few recent posts, my bad.)

I'm interested in posting a challenge run here, where I run the DS Joker games using only slimes (the basic ones only) but don't think anyone will pay attention to it in a board that is essentially dead. (Read the edit)


So the question is, where do I post such an adventure?




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It's hard to say.  I would consider doing a multi-forum post, see which one is getting traction, then link the others to that one and focus on posting there.

Do note challenge runs tend to get very little traction outside of video feeds, and even then, generally speed runs trump everything else.  So if your challenge isn't a speed run, I wouldn't expect much attention.  This is true even for Final Fantasy (I did some really hard challenges in the past, and at most I'd get maybe 1 or 2 other posters, on fairly popular boards at the time).  Or you have to already have a following.  When Dragon Quest XI Switch came out, I made a topic covering changes/additions and data mining the hard way (not cracking, just trial and error testing), I also used it in conjunction with a full Draconian run (DQ11 has this setting at the beginning where you can select a bunch of things that make the game harder...or for one option, more interesting).  One guy who is a smash player, with some following, joined the topic to also post about his full Draconian run, and in part to help me do the same thing.  He brought in a LOT more attention for his run, than I had for my own, only because he already had a small following on Twitch.

So I would say pick DQM:J's forum on GameFAQs, one on the Dragon Quest general Reddit page, and one in the DQM:J section here.  See in a few days or a week before cutting off the other two, then focusing on just one.  Copy-pasting the same post until that point.  Reddit might get the most traction, just remember to link the other two you close down to the one you'll focus on.

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