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ATTN Ignasia7: Have you gathered stats per Level up for each character in Dragon Quest 4? (DS or PSX)?

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I want to go indepth about the differences between these and the NES version when I make the walkthrough, but I can only find stat sets for the NES version.  That'd be what Cowness the Speedrunner made, here:


Where if you enter the level, it'll show you the Range & Median of each level up.  Naturally, I'd be happy with just the Median.

Thanks for your time!

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Wait!  I think I found something, courtesy of Pirate King Gilder's topic!  It displays in a Data set my computer doesn't recognize, but it's easy to guess what means what, regardless.  This is for the PSX version, btw:

How Level-Up Gains are Calculated: http://web.archive.org/web/20071229123248/http://dqffstyle.nobody.jp/database/dq4p-3growup.htm

What the Level-Up Gains are Per Level: http://web.archive.org/web/20040815035022/http://f1.aaacafe.ne.jp/~braves/database/dq4p-3grow.htm

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@FionordeQuester No, I never spent much time with DQ4, though I used to have (can't find, I just checked every link I have related, so it must have been a long defunct/destroyed computer before I backed anything up...sooo many of those, I think if I cataloged all the music and movies I've lost from Win XP going belly up, it's probably in the 100's of TB, let alone written works, ROMs...I lost all my MAME, and I had every MAME, and a few other arcade, and bunch of other stuff, some hacks, actual one-time paid download installs I can't get again for now defunct programs, like alcohol 100%, nevermind a ton of linked research material).  Gotta love WinXP and instability (I've only had one stable build that a virus took down).

Anyway, so I checked every site I could, and luckily ffsky was on the ball, and I believe they also have the PS4 stats, so you can compare.


That link is VERY interesting.  VERY, as it proves something I had already come around to after my last DQ6 playthrough, and did some testing in DQ4 recently (just Alena's chapter)...with AR codes...I bought a new battery to fix my DS, so thought I'd give it a whirl, and chose DQ4, and had just witnessed level up to seed ratio behaviour similar to DQ7.

Playtown Darts is where I got my initial data for DQ6's level up equation, and their studies on DQ5's stat growth.  However I came recently to the conclusion that they likely tested at a substantial level, like around 60, which in 5 takes a long time to hit given EXP farming is so blooming difficult, and stat growth after 40 isn't generally significant, much like 3 and 4.  So I think they tested when they were able to gather enough seeds to make it worthwhile, and level 60, above and beyond found seeds, would be a likely level, and woudl fit nicely.  Well 50~60 anyhow.  Probably more like 50, but you get my point.

Playtown Darts:


They do what I do, take supplemental data and work backwards, rather than hack/crack the code.


In anycase, that fits my more recent theory thanks to my DQ6 test, which is level plays a factor and it definitely does.  So all Arte Piazza releases use level, and it's also possible that, given I may have tested DQ7's characters at differnet levels, that might account for the discrepancy, but I don't recall, they might have been the same level.  I'll have to check later.  Thank you for this unexpected treat :)

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