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DQMJ3 Professional English patch

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So I took the non pro version translation & inject it to the pro version because I wanted to play it. The result is partial translation of dqmj3pro.
Still need testing, I couldnt modify the font, so it's taken directly from the non pro patch which has less glyph than the pro version. So I dont know if it'll break somewhere.

dqmj3p patch: https://mega.nz/folder/8tkG1Tgb#WzEFO-JmytVXPkPGW0dnOA

It would be great if anyone who knew japanese can help translating the rest of new monsters/skills. (un)translated text: https://mega.nz/folder/U8NDEAwR#mtJS3_vpLi8-zA9ujKet8Q

How to use:
citra emulator:
-right click dqmj3p on rom list, open mods location
-create romfs folder
-extract all data to romfs folder


other method (rom patching)(I think you need to do these step to both the main cia & update 1.3 cia):

-extract your cia with HackingToolkit3DS
-copy all the data to ExtractedRomFS folder
-repack the rom



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Thanks a ton for doing this! Big fan of dqmj3p and it works great. I don't know any Japanese and I'm very unfamiliar with 3ds modding but I can most likely update the json with a quick script that uses the google cloud translate api to get just direct google translation of the Japanese for all the missing fields. If I did that would you be willing to redo the patch with those translations? (Or if you could point me in the direction of some sort of documentation converting mes -> json and back)

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Thank you for this,installed on Luma and 5 minutes in it seems to be working perfectly! Playing regular Joker 3 while knowing there is another version with more content would have irked me to no end.

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Right when I started playing Joker 3 :D I haven't gotten far, though.


Thanks for the patch. It's basically all that was translated for Joker 3 but with untraslated Professional content? I wonder if it'll cause any bugs... I've read that Professional not only has more monsters and maps but also post-game content and story, so I imagine it will be difficult to finish the translation. Also is it 1.02 version of English patch?



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Wow, been playing a lot of the DQM2 English translation (thanks to the Discord team). 
Completed the main story and post-game even playing a lot online.  
With the 3DS-Update (11.14.0-46) breaking CFW/online play...looking forward to giving this a shot offline.  
So for real-3DS hardware (CFW-users), we would need a copy of the DQMJ-3pro ".cia" file to get started with this ? 
A bit unclear on how to get started with this. 


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When I tried to load up DQMJ3Pro (and regular) with Citra today it keeps dropping to <5 fps. I am working with Citra support to figure out why, but if any of you have found a fix or know what version number you are running so that this can be fixed, I would appreciate that info.


Edit: v1544 is what broke it, 1543 works. Citra Support is now aware of the issue.

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More information became available.
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thank you for your work


I am new to 3ds emulation and i cant make it work

I created a file named "romfs" in the mod location : C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\Citra\load\mods\00040000001ACB00\romfs

I pasted the three files Font, Message and Script in the romfs file but it doesnt work, the game is still in japanese and i dont have the Ver1.3 like your screen?


Anybody knows what i am doing wrong?

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I've been playing with the patch for about 20 hours now, and it works great! Also, thanks @UrazielNomolos - I've been playing the non professional version with the latest citra version, and i always tried to avoid open world areas because of the massive lag. Thanks to your post i've been able to enjoy the world a lot more!

@RoiMeruem Your file structure needs to look something like romfs -> data -> Message/Font/Script. 

How do you compile the json file to mes file and vice versa? Some content is simply unplayable without translation (For example Scout missions) - I've been using an external site to find the answers to those missions, but it was pretty frustrating. Getting the gist of the mission would be more important than translating it word for word. 

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