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DQMJ3 Professional English patch

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So I took the non pro version translation & inject it to the pro version because I wanted to play it. The result is partial translation of dqmj3pro.
Still need testing, I couldnt modify the font, so it's taken directly from the non pro patch which has less glyph than the pro version. So I dont know if it'll break somewhere.

dqmj3p patch: https://mega.nz/folder/8tkG1Tgb#WzEFO-JmytVXPkPGW0dnOA

It would be great if anyone who knew japanese can help translating the rest of new monsters/skills. (un)translated text: https://mega.nz/folder/U8NDEAwR#mtJS3_vpLi8-zA9ujKet8Q

How to use:
citra emulator:
-right click dqmj3p on rom list, open mods location
-create romfs folder
-extract all data to romfs folder


other method (rom patching)(I think you need to do these step to both the main cia & update 1.3 cia):

-extract your cia with HackingToolkit3DS
-copy all the data to ExtractedRomFS folder
-repack the rom



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