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Bitlocker service?


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So, I've been messing with the services, because my computer has been running slowly.

I've turned Bitlocker off a couple times, and turned it back on a couple times.

Now, whenever I create a folder, delete any files, or even move 1 file to another directory, it takes forever. When I open a folder, it sometimes takes five minutes to display the contents (it says "Not Responding" until its finally done.)

Is that why Windows Explorer keeps freezing for so long? Is Windows trying to run encryption on files, then change it back when I turned Bitlocker back on?


Moving files and creating folders runs faster on my microSD card, which is Fat32. So, that makes me really think its the encryption protocol, but I would like some input from some tech Sages... you know, someone who is a prestige class specializing in tech support :P

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I've had it happen to me but I don't have bitlocker enabled. It's an issue with windows explorer that will probably never be fixed.

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