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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai (2020 TV) Anime Discussion

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On 11/17/2020 at 8:37 AM, DranzerX13 said:

08. Hundred Beast Full Assault
Hyakujū so-shingeki
Air Date: 2020/11/21

With Maam joining them on their journey, the three arrive late at night to Romos castle town, and spend their night at the inn. They are awoken by the echoing roar of Crocodine throughout the town. Crocodine, along with his Hundred Beast army are doing a full force attack against Romos castle. Dai soon gives chase to Crocodine and runs from the inn. Maam takes Popp to chase after but... Dai and Crocodine confront each other in the grand hall of Romos castle. Seeing Dai's fast growth he prepares to use the horrible plan that Zaboera left with him.

This was quite an emotional episode, even knowing what was coming. I think I am warming up to Zaboera's voice (really sounded wrong to me last episode). Music was on point. Voice acting was also on target. I don't recall on having any real issues with the translation this time either. The episode followed the manga pretty closely with a few lines cut (I assume for time) but nothing major. I think this was also the first episode to have flashback scenes.  I am very excited for the next episode.


So I ordered a number of Dai goods. Today I will post the cards from the new arcade game I got (had someone in Japan play it for me).  So these are just a mostly random set of cards. For those who haven't been following it, the arcade game is very similar to Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road.

First set of cards


Top left is the Imperial Scroll Card, for saving your game on to. This is a special event card so it only allows 30 saves on it. The normal ones cost money and have 400 saves. Top middle is the "My Hero" card, which allows you to create your own character that you can level through playing the game. Top right is a special event Dai.

Second Row, left is a special event Popp., followed by the Dai card from the December 2020 V Jump. After that are normal monsters.

First set of cards (back)


This is the back of that last batch of cards. You can see the detailed stats including the class the card belongs to and the range of a cards attack. There is also monster encyclopedia style information about the character or monster.

Second set of cards


More normal monster cards.

Second Set of cards (back)


You can see more of a variation in their attack ranges here.

Third set of cards


Getting into some more rare cards here. They sparkle.

Third set of cards (back)


Backs of the cards don't sparkle. You can see the rare cards are two star rare.


Fourth set of Cards


This Dai card sparkles even more.

Fourth set of cards (back)


This Dai is a 3 star rare card.

Fifth Set of Cards


Not all of the cards are characters or monsters that appear in Dai. Oren from DQX is in here because, why not?

Fifth Set of Cards (Back)


You can see these character cards are "Dragon Rare", so they have a little dragon mark instead of stars. Oren on the other hand is 4 stars. I suspect he is more rare than Dragon Rare. There are also 2 secret cards at this time, Hadlar and the Dragon Lord (DQI).


At the event they also handed out a pamphlet and a cardboard knife.



Pamphlet cover

Second page

The list of cards here would suggest that Dragon Rare is more rare than four star Giga Rare, but I only got one Giga and multiple Dragon, so I am not sure I trust that.

Third page

Here you can see the real save card, a card set you can buy, a card album you can buy, and a fancy set of card sleeves.


The back of these things are always for commercials. The top is for the Daicolle weapon/item set volume 1. I will talk about these another day. Same goes for the Portable Adventure digital game. Both of these can give you QR codes for weapons or armor to use for your "My hero" in the arcade game. The next row down is commercials for the other announced games. Row below that is the prequel manga running in VJump and the Perfect Editions of the original manga.






It seems the mail was not so good for the knife. There is a bit of a bend you can see here. The knife pops in and out of the cardboard really easily, so I just put it back in after waving it around like a maniac for storage.


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Popp's a real jerk in this episode. Glad Maam channelled the viewer in her response. 😁

What's the difference with those new manga releases, aside from the cover? I like the new covers but I already have some of the older releases.

EDIT: Oh, Amiami says they are coloured?

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The manga rerelease has color pages from the original serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1989-1996.

I believe the anime remake will get to new content in April 2021. I think the 1991 Dai anime episode 46 will be episode 26 in the remake with the pace it's going at now.

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New episode title spoilers from February 2021 issue (December 21, 2020) of V-Jump.

13. The Decisive Moment
Ketchaku no Toki

14. Blizzblazz General Flazzard
Hyōen Shōgun Fureizādo

15. The Terrifying Magic Barrier
Kyōfu no Kekkai Juhō


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On 11/21/2020 at 5:21 AM, DranzerX13 said:

09. A Single Shard of Courage
Hito kakera no Yūki
Air Date: 2020/11/28

10. Onto Papnica Kingdom
Papunika o Mezase
Air Date: 2020/12/05

11. The Demonic Swordsman, Hyunckel
Maken Senshi Hyunkeru
Air Date: 2020/12/12

12. The Collaborative Raidein
Futari no Raidein
Air Date: 2020/12/19

13. The Decisive Moment
Ketchaku no Toki
I was a bit disappointed in episode 9. I felt that there was more more emphasis on the action parts than on the emotional impact of the episode. The equivalent episodes in the 90s version were some of the best episodes in that series in my opinion. So perhaps I came in with too much bias to begin with. The emphasis on action probably also makes the show more approachable for the younger audience set. Meanwhile, I have never been much of a fan of the following arch that introduces Hyunckel, but I thought this version did a very good job with it, elevating the episode beyond the original manga. The increased pacing and a few other changes helped to keep the story flowing. We should probably be getting a new opening and ending now or soon since the first cour ended. I am hoping for a bit of a change in style (I prefer a more traditional "anime style opening" or something that sounds more fantasy style). I will post some pics of the new editions of the manga, It might go in its own thread. In general it is the pages as they originally appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump, and there are a lot of interesting discoveries I made from that. At the same time though there has at least been one piece of art that was fixed, and a number of lines that have been "censored" or rewritten from the original text.
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Posted (edited)

New Dai episodes spoilers from February 2021 Animedia (January 10, 2021)

15. The Terrifying Curse Field
Kyōfu no Kekkai Juhō
Air Date: 2021/01/16

16. The Great Mage Matoriv
Dai Madōshi Matorifu
Air Date: 2021/01/23

17. Immortal Saviour
Fujimi no Kyūseishu
Air Date: 2021/01/30

18. Hyunckel VS Hadlar
Hyunkeru Tai Hadorā
Air Date: 2021/02/06

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On 1/9/2021 at 12:36 AM, Mimas said:

We should probably be getting a new opening and ending now or soon since the first cour ended.

I was hoping that as well, the current one is... fine, I just don't feel like it fits in with the show and the music doesn't really go well with the animation. It's getting some mixed review on Amazon, seems the Japanese aren't huge fans of the faster pace.

I'd be interesting in seeing some manga pics (if you haven't done so already and I've missed it).

The blu-ray is still out on the 29th, right? Amazon Japan still won't ship to the UK and Amiami and CDJapan even don't have it listed.

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New episode title spoilers from March 2021 issue (January 21, 2021) of V-Jump.

19. The Final Secret of the Avan Style
Aban Ryū Saigo no Ōgi
Air Date: 2021/02/13

20. Now, Slice Everything
Ima subete o kiru
Air Date: 2021/02/20

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