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DirecTV super annoying notification

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If I change the channel, or watch anything on my DVR, there is a huge lag before I can fast forward, stop, rewind, or even click info. Finally, DirecTV displays this message... twice in a row

"Thanks for your purchase of CARTOON.

You can find your new programming on channel 1296"

The stupid thing is, I didn't "purchase" the channel. Its free On-Demand because I have 296 in the package.

Is there any way to get rid of the notification? It literally freezes my input for 10 seconds if I change the channel, and I've clicked "OK" on over a dozen occasions already

I think Cartoon Network unlocks episodes on Fridays? Maybe they're updating their list constantly, and I'm getting a notice because the content has changed?



Nevermind. Like 90% of technology problems, resetting it seems to have solved the problem

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