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DQM Fangame: Monster Builders

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Hello everybody,

as a fan of RPG games, especially the series "Dragonquest", I would like to introduce my ideas of "Monster Builders". The basic idea is a game in which you can create monster and experience various adventures with them. With equipment in the form of wings, body shape, skin texture, you can assemble and individualize your monsters similar to the game "Spore". The focus should be on inventing your own monsters and collecting them.

Monster catching games are very difficult and tedious to develop, but I believe it is possible with a good plan behind. RPG Maker MV will be the preferred platform, had already different Character generator plugins in mind for the monster creation idea. The classic rpg maker battlesystem will also be in the game, but a little modified. For example, you can choose a much faster option to fight, when your team is already stronger than the enemy. The faster battle option will be a simple calculation battle system, were your team attack, defend, speed stats will compared to the one from the enemy. If your stats are higher you will win the fight. I hope this make grinding less annoying.

The world in Monster Builders has been split up into different small continents, the reason for this is a war that is long in the past. Wormholes will be a huge part of the map design, with them you can get from continent A to B.
The ultimate goal will be to create the strongest monster and join the continents together, fix the consequences from the war long ago.

The game should be as easy to access as possible, with that in mind i consider to export the game in HTML format which make it hopefully playable online, similar to io games.

Conceptart Creation

Since everything is still in the making i will add more ideas later. I would like to hear your ideas or opinions on Monster Builder 👍
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On 9/27/2020 at 3:11 AM, Plattym3 said:

Sounds neat. You had me at DQM!

Thank you, DQM was my childhood game and one of my favs in the dragonquest series.


Trying to get a tech demo out there. I'm currently experiementing with the art style(chosing between retro gameboy color style or more defined 2D art). There will be an update soon.

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A small update to my project "Monster builders", everything's moving right for the tech demo. Wanting to share some screens, one for on map graphics, menu screen, battle mechanic. Still working on a fusion system.

You will need a "monster soul" to create a weak monster first. After creating certain types of basic monster, you can fuse them together to build stronger ones.

On Map:





Battle System:









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