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I have scans for several Japanese DQ manuals

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During the past half year of lockdown, I've gotten into importing Japanese games, including several boxed DQ games. Besides getting them for my DQ collection, I scanned most of their manuals and uploaded them to a dummy Google Drive folder (I don't want to put them on my Google account with my real name): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EvblbX9BAQVFQlzUBwstvBMFDKvhx6b3?usp=sharing

Right now, it has manual scans for DQ IV and VII on PS1, Slime Morimori/Rocket Slime 3 on 3DS, and Monsters 1, Cobi, and Tara on GBC.

I had contributed a scan for Slime Morimori on GBA to here some time ago, but I noticed there was apparently dirt on the scanning area for that upload. I included a better-quality, rescanned version and the first version in the Drive folder for the sake of comparison.

I'm also looking to, at some point, scan the manuals for Torneko no Daibouken on Super Famicom and a bunch of DS games: Monsters Joker 1 and 2, DQ V, DQ IX, and Itadaki Street DS. I also got DQ XI and Monsters 2 on 3DS, both of which have a manual "leaflet" instead of a booklet like Slime Morimori 3.

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Nice, thank you, I will get them added to the Den :thumbsup:

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