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Dragon Quest of the Stars New Events and Notices

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New Events and Notices from last night

alchemy_liquid_metal_staff_spear_1 2020/09/07 17:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC (approximate) We will perform SQUARE ENIX BRIDGE maintenance at the time. Please note that during maintenance, you will not be able to play DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS. This maintenance does not include changes to DRAGON QUEST OF THE STARS game content, data updates, or bug fixes.
alchemy_liquid_metal_staff_spear_1 Starting 2020/09/04 00:00 UTC The Liquid Metal Staff, Liquid Metal Rod and Liquid Metal Spear will be added to the list of alchemisable equipment in the Bushy Bazaar Alchemist Refinery!
lucky_chest_metal_slime_selection_4 2020/09/04 00:00 UTC to 2020/09/11 23:59 UTC Metal Slime Selection Lucky Chest Draw is here! Limited-time equipment - Metal Slime Staff, Metal Slime Shield, Metal Slime Helm, Metal Slime Armour Top, Metal Slime Armour Bottom, Metal Slime Rod, Metal Slime Spear, Metal Wing Boomerang, Metal Slime Dagger, Metal Slime Hammer are available with this Lucky Chest Draw!
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