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Dragon Den Team MAX Level Celebration

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We have reached the maximum level for our team in DQX!  A big thanks to everyone that helped do the team quests, and especially Rin who truly dedicated herself to completing these and is a very big factor in having gotten us to this point!


To celebrate the milestone, we will be having a celebration at Remina's town, appropriately called もじゃ Town.  We'll be temporarily switching the team house to his town this weekend for the occasion.


It's a weekend affair, but the main celebration is going to be held at 5PM Pacific time this Saturday, August 29th 2020.


Bring as many fireworks as you can!  We'll be setting them off and lighting up the sky!  Also bring your swim suites, we'll be having our party at the beach and I just might host some swim races!  I may have some minor prizes in the form of some colored orbs to give out, nothing major though so don't feel devastated if you can't make it.


Also bring your moves, we may have an impromptu dance off occur!

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