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This is late... But Hello!

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I didn't scroll down far enough to see this board until now... oops! Better late than never I guess. >.<


I played my first DQ back when I was in 5th grade after we inherited a PS2 from my Uncle and we found DQVIII in the Gamestop Bargain Bin for $8. It's still my favorite game to this day, but you can put basically anything in a DQ wrapping and I will immediately love it. I spent most of my school years putting way too many hours into DQIX multiplayer with my little brother, but I've played some version or other of every main series game (other than X) and all the spinoffs that were released in the West.


I've used the Den Site for years for alchemy guides, maps, and equipment lists, but when everything shut down in March I finally made my account. A few weeks ago I joined the official unofficial Discord Server, and I've been so blessed to finally have Dragon Quest Friends! I grew up with only my little brother around me who actually really enjoyed DQ, so I have a lot of suppressed excitement about the series that I've not been able to share with anyone (which is probably why I talk so much there :) ).


I'm finishing up a degree in Aerospace Engineering, but I also play the flute and consider music to be a big part of my life! I also love making lists and google sheets so I'm always happy to help fill out information on the main site when I have time!


I'm so happy to be here! :overjoyed2:


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Welcome to the Den and thanks for the help with Dragon Quest of the Stars :)

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