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Sidequest 002 - GBC & GBA RPGs

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Hey @Pendy, I saw you once post a screenshot of one of the Super Robot Wars (Super Robot Tensei) games. I'd love to try those out in English. You mentioned on the podcast about creating an Asian account or PS4 profile and you can buy the copies of the game in English that were released in Asia. Is that possible for the entire series?

I think the screenshot you posted had a mech from Gunbuster, which I loved in the early 90s. I'm sure I'd really enjoy playing this, particularly if it features any rare or obscure anime mech from 80s anime, like Dangaioh.

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@Liamland It's not possible for the entire series but it is possible for any of the sequels released during the PS4 era.  That includes Super Robot Wars X, V, T and Moon Dwellers.  X, V, T uses all licensed mechs from other anime except what the protagonist uses and some of the antagonists.  Moon Dwellers is all original mechs throughout.  

The way I got the games was buying physical copies from the Play-Asia import site.  You only need to get a Singapore account if you want to buy them digitally or buy/get the DLC.  If you buy them digitally, use free DLC (my copy of X came with some free DLC), or plan to buy DLC, you can get it through the Singapore account.  The Singapore account will only take Singapore currency.  US Paypal or credit cards won't work.  You can get Singapore currency by buying electronic Singapore PSN cards from Play Asia.  FYI Singapore accounts are in English so there is no language barrier.  Once you've gotten the game this way or dowloaded the DLC, you can switch back to your US account and it all works there.  You don't have the play the games with the Singapore account.         

Some of these games are now out for the Switch and Steam but I'm not familiar with how any of that works with those systems.  All my experience is with the PS4.  

On a side note, one of the exclusive PS4 features is that you can use a thumb drive and upload your own music.  You can assign tracks to any mech you want.  You can also download pre-made track lists from other people.   

It's funny you mention Gunbuster.  Because of the game, I ended watching that anime and its sequel.  I was especially interested knowing the Neon Genesis Evangelion creator was involved.  

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I'll have to give this a try when I actually have my PS4 back. Thanks.

I didn't really know there was a Gunbuster sequel. I'll have to check that out.

Evangelion is having a second wave of merch here in Japan (I think to coincide with a series anniversary or something. The big anime pushes right now are for Evangelion and Demon Slayer. Their merch is everywhere.) In Don Quijote they've got Evangelion themed shaving razors, which I recognized by the color scheme alone. Because nothing says giant mech...quite like...shaving.

Neon Genesis Evangelion' razors by Schick - Japan Today

Are there any obscure, older anime mechs you didn't expect to see in the games, like Dangaioh or anything?

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