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Dreamborn - Dragon Quest Monsters Inspired Project

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Hey there,

As of late, I’ve begun working on making a game heavily inspired by Dragon Quest Monsters, (specifically DWM2 (my favorite in the series, while also implementing some of the features and conveniences from the more modern titles). Overall, I’m hoping to get a bit of feedback in these early stages of development, while also potentially seeing if any individuals would be interested in helping out with the project.

As far as mechanics go, I'm mostly going off of Joker 1-2, with monsters having to be scouted in battle, and each monster having different skill trees that can be bred to other monsters. With that said, I'm planning on adding a few new features too, one of which being a more prominent typing system ala Pokemon, and having held items have more of a role as opposed to just straight stat boosts.

The gameplay will probably play out like in DWM2, where you have a cozy little hub world to explore, shop, breed, and prepare, with the main exploitable areas being accessed via warping there, with these areas having both a small self contained plotline, and mildly progressing the overarching plot. Graphics wise, I'm going for an old school GBC look.

I'm definitely planning on keeping the breeding system pretty much as is, although having some form of evolution to allow low ranking monsters essentially promote into higher ranking monsters could make for an interesting mechanic, I'll have to think about it.

What’s possibly my biggest peeve with most monster taming series is when more than half the roster can't really be viable due to their evolutions/higher ranked forms outclassing them in every way. One thing that I’m hoping to accomplish is having pretty much every monster being  viable as a long-term team member. I don't think I'll handle it quite like Joker3, mostly due to the fact that it runs the risk of causing my other biggest peeve in monsters taming games, which is when everything feels too similar to each other, without much reason to use one thing over the other. Still, this is definitely one of my biggest focuses with the project.

I’m currently planning on a PC and Android release, with the possibility of an IOS release if there’s enough interest.

This probably sounds like a lot (and it is), but I'm not starting completely from scratch. In fact, I have the majority of the monsters already made, from another project I've been working on for a few years.

If anyone is interested in helping out with the project, definitely reach out to me, as I’d appreciate any amount of help I can get. Be it as a Pixel Artist, Composer, Skill and Stat Designer, Writer, eventual Beta Tester, or even just as someone who would like to pitch occasional ideas and feedback to the group, all aid is appreciated. 

I've set up a Discord server, for anyone who would like to follow the project, or contribute to it's progress. Feel free to stop in, and ask any questions, or leave any suggestions you may have.


Although, even to those who aren’t interested in joining the project, I’m curious what sort of features/mechanics would you be personally interested in seeing in a project heavily inspired by DQM?

If anyone seeing this is curious about the project, feel free to send me a message. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Wow. This is awesomely ambitious! Not sure how much help I'd be, but I'll be following this and we can mention it on the Den's Slime Time podcast. DWM2 is my favorite monster game ever too!

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Thanks for the kind words, and that would be awesome, thank you!

Everything's still pretty early in development at this point, but once I start getting a solid framework made, I'll definitely rework the OP with a cleaner synopsis, feature list, and some screenshots.

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  • 2 months later...

Hey, just a quick update, since it's been a hot minute. Progress has been slow, but steady. A number of basic mechanics have been implemented so far, including:

- The  basic JRPG setup  (such as movement and saving to multiple files)
- Monster Recruiting, and the ability to have more than 1 copy of a monster
- Difficulty of recruiting a monster goes up corresponding to how many of that monster you currently own
- A main team, sub team, and a "Ranch" for storing extra monsters
- Small, Medium, and Large monster sizes (although I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to use sizes)
- Monster Traits, that are exclusive to certain species
- Skillsets, that you can invest SP into to gain new skills or stats
- Synthesis System, that passes down Skillsets/unused SP/a percentage of stats/etc
- Bonus Traits and Stat Caps that monsters can gain after reaching a certain synthesis number
- In-game Encyclopedia for viewing Skillsets/Monsters/Skills
- Monster Families, used for deciding synthesis results
- Monster Types (like in Pokemon), in which each monster has 1 or 2
- Semi-Random "Magic Key Worlds" kinda like in DWM2 (still early in development)
- Skill Scrolls, Skillset Scrolls, and a Mini-Medal-like collectable that can be used at some shops
- Auto-battling settings you can set for each monster
- Tension (kinda, still needs work)
- Screen-scrolling like in DWM/DWM2. Done as an aesthetic choice.
- Currently working on having monsters follow you in the overworld, and possibly allowing you to turn around and interact with them in cute little scenes.

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23 hours ago, Builder Inc said:

Cool to see some updates, the features added so far look interesting. What engine do you use for your project?

Thank you! I'm currently building the project in RPG Maker MV, with quite a bit of external plugin magic at play to recreate mechanics not natively possible in the engine. 

EDIT: I just saw that you too are working on a DQM project, in the same engine even! Best of luck on your project, I look forward to seeing how we each end up building on the DQM formula.

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2 hours ago, jami843 said:

If interested I love sprite work. Here are some of the examples I have made for a GBC style game. 

Hey there. That's some really impressive GBC spritework! By all means, if you'd be interested in lending a hand, I'd be more than happy to have you on the team!

I've started setting up a Discord server for anyone that wants to follow of contribute to the project. We could discuss things further there, if you'd like.


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