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I finally gave up this fear I had of sharing my translations on the internet, and have even started a YouTube! So, I am pretty proud of myself. 

I would like to, in spare time, start translating the DQ manga series in my own hand. I know there are some translations out there, but I would really prefer to do it myself.

I have in my possession DQ VI Manga, but could easily get other books as well, with time and support. :D So! I am really excited to say that I will start on translations! Let me know what ones you guys would like me to translate. I will do my best to check in here as OFTEN as I can. But I make no promises. 

I would need help type setting otherwise, I am just going to make a huge doc (or something) with the images and the translations below the images. Unfortunately its the best that I can do right now. 


I could try putting them into youtube videos? with panning and music??? 
They would definitely get hit for demoneitized though www 

Please leave any ideas you can think of ! 

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Don't want to use copious bottles of whiteout?

Hey, whatever you do, however you do it will be appreciated. I'm thousands of pages deep in the Dai manga that received a rediculously comprehensive fan translation. Amazing work.

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