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"Weekly Jump teases news on 'certain Dragon Quest title' for issue 35"

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Issue 35 of Weekly Jump will feature "new information on a certain [Dragon Quest] title," according to the latest issue of the magazine.

Weekly Jump releases every Monday in Japan, but information from the magazine usually leaks a few days prior. In this case, the issue teasing the news is the July 13-due issue 32. That said, issue 35 should release on either August 3 or 10, depending on whether or not an issue is released on July 20 (which is a holiday in Japan).

As for what title the magazine could be teasing, there are a number of possibilities: the new Dragon Quest Monsters game announced in November 2018 (which seemed to be facing development issues in January); the new Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai titles Tamashii no KizunaXross Blade, or Infinity Strash; the new Dragon Quest HD title Square Enix was hiring for in June 2019; Dragon Quest XII; or perhaps even a Dragon Quest IX remake.

Thanks, Ryokutya2089 and Games Talk.

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If it’s an announcement in Jump it’s likely info on one of the Dai games. They could also likely use the opportunity to share more info on the anime with character art and the like since it’ll be airing a couple months later.

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So, what were the news?
They showed DQ Rivals but it wasn't in Jump, then they showed Monsters mobile port but again, it was live-stream, not Weekly Jump. The issue was supposed to be out on August 3rd, no?

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