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I mean as with the first game, I'm pretty much neutral as to whether or not it gets future remakes with more additions*, but one thing I think would make for an obvious change would be to give us a more detailed Alefgard* in the same way that say Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver gave a more indepth Kanto.  I mean I'm sure they wanted the players to focus on Torland beyond more as a whole and not the area from the first game, but I imagine that limitations of the NES could just as easily been a bigger factor.

Either by extending the stretch of land from say the Shrine West of Moonbrooke to the first Dragonhorn Towers (possibly adding in a shrine on the way with an Inn) to extend the Alefagard map or at least settle for adding the omitted towns/caves.

Regardless, should it be done in future remake (with some sidequests possibly added) or keep it as is?

*At the very least I'd restore the Prologue scene to what it was in the Super Famicom and Game Boy Color port.  Would it have really been too much for the cell phone port from the early 2000s in Japan to include it?  That said, I'd definitely keep the change made to the Zoom mechanic (i.e. how it allows you to pick a destination to return to).

**Again could do without, but similar to IV's remake:


Have an optional party member in the form of the Dragonlord's Grandson.  Maybe adding a few spells from later installments that the main three characters don't learn.


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While I would rather keep the original trio, I wouldn't mind having the Dragonlord's grandson given more action. 

Funny thing, in the Enix Gamebook of DQII, the Dragonlord actually has a more prominent role in the story, helping the trip going to Hargon's castle and fighting off monsters while the trio goes on to fight Hargon himself. 

Plus, he also appeares in his draconic form, which would be cool to see, as it could somehow mimic Yggdragon's form and show how the lineage of this sacred beast has returned to the side of light or something. 

Dragonlord's grandson, Gamebook version

Aside for that, giving more spells and or some abilities to the prince of midenhall could be nice too. Like, mercurial trust etc. 

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