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How to get Ramia and Wulfspade in DQMJ3

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Hi all I’m back and I have completed the post post game. I’m now trying to fill out my monster Library. I’m looking for Ramia and I can’t seem to find it. Can I get it from the disc machine? The only other option would be to get Wulfspade, but I do not know how to get that either. Any help on either monster is greatly appreciated! 

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For Ramia you need DragonLord and for DragonLord you need Wulfspade.

For Wulfspade you need 100 battles with streetpass (if you read streetpass description says something like "If you fight enough times a legendary monster may challenge you"...)

But there is some ways you can try to obtain, i didnt test these ways so be careful.

- 2 3DS so you can fight over and over.

- Citra?: I dont know if Citra support streetpass in some way or do you need an add-on. You can have a backup of your save with some homebrew, go to the PC, doing the process like the first way and then inject the save file on your 3DS.

-If you somehow find a save for someone with Wulfspade you can open 2 Citras and transfer it to the Citra with you save file and then inject into your 3DS (If you found it or someone find it pls reply)

-DQMJ2 (or dqmj1? i dont renember lol) You can use DQMJ2 to transfer monster. There is 2 ways:

+ Use a cartridge: I really dont know if you do actually need a japanese copy.

+ Use save data: I dont know how to put NDS save data on your 3DS or Citra but if you find It how to do it you can use cheats to obtain a Wulfspade in DQMJ2 fast and then transfer it.

I dont know better ways, i want Wulfspade too so we are in the same place xD


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