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Dragon Quest of the Stars Maintenance Next Week

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Dragon Quest of the Stars maintenance next week, 2020/06/23 00:00 UTC to 07:00 UTC (approximate), this is the list of the updates.

  • Preparation for the The Legend of Erdrick: Guided by Rubiss's Light event.
  • Preparation for Squirril Station Premium Room.
  • Preparation for future events.
  • Preparation for future Lucky Chest Draws.
  • New alchemy equipment will be added to the Bushy Bazaar's Alchemist Refinery.
  • Bug Fixes
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Glaceon Mage was able to find some information about what the Legend of Erdrick event seems to be:



The event seems to involve the bosses from the Roto trilogy, now with new Legendary and Fiend Class versions- neat, since the Dragonlord never had either before, and Malroth had no fiend-class- and some new pieces of equipment related to the characters from the first three games (plus a return oif the same event costumes from before, but some have variants on the DQ1 hero, Prince of Midenhall, and DQ3 hero outfits). Also a Princess Laura/Gwaelin from the version seen in the TV sword game and Battle Road Victory.

Notably, this event is from several years later in the original Japanese schedule than the other events we've had so far (which have been a little out of order, but not that far out of order). I suspect they might've meant this to be the event run for DQ Day before the Covid-19 delays resulted in the reruns of the DQ1-4 (and Estark attacks and Star Spirits Attack) events.


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