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Dragon Quest V part 2 event ending spoilers

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I'm not sure if this is a weird thing to have a thread about, but I'm curious. In the Part 2 DQV event, the questocrats choose one of the three girls (Biana, Nera, or Debora) to accompany them on adventures, then at the end, they get a farewell letter. I'm certain this letter would be different depending on the character, so- what do the other two letters look like? Here's Nera's:



You can read the letter again after the event by going to the main character page, tapping the Item Bag, clicking on the Key button, and it will probably be at the bottom of the key item list. To take a screenshot, on my phone what you do is press the Power Button and Volume Down Button at the same time and it saves a screenshot.

(If you're wondering why I chose Nera, I do actually fall into the Bianca-makes-the-most-sense camp for DQV, but I figured I'd want to actually wear the Nera outfit/hair the most of the three, plus Nera is kinda cool in her own way. Plus Nera looks almost perfect in the DQIII priest outfit, sorta, except her pose clips her hand through the surplice a little.)

Does anyone have screenshots of the other two letters?

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I usually pick Bianca too, but I chose Debora for this event.

Here is her letter.


Deborah Letter.jpg


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On 6/21/2020 at 3:41 PM, Mitsukara said:

Debora's letter is certainly fitting for her character, as expected, what with the "underlings" an all. XD

Now if anyone has Bianca's...

I posted the question to Twitter and thanks to @Bururian for the Bianca Letter


Bianca Letter.png


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