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Concern with Emulators and Roms

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So I have just recently built a lovely new gaming PC and since it's much more pricey I was wondering how safe is citra the emulator? 

I only want Citra to play the translated Terry's Wonderland 3D as my old PC couldn't run Citra. The only problem is when I went to download the file for the game the website also gave me a strangely named .exe file on my old PC. I know I'm being a bit paranoid but as this computer is not even day old I'm wary trying this again.

Can anyone prove some of my concerns wrong? I really just want to play Terry's wonderland. 

Thank you for your time! 

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7 hours ago, Plattym3 said:

You should tar & feather whoever gave you the link to that ROM! What a jerk!

Platty you've done a lot to help me, and at this point I have a few options: I could buy the japanese cart and 3ds so I can actually use Citra's support to figure why the file won't play, a fellow lf mine helped dig up an old tutorial on to patch the game myself but one of the tools' page no longer exists and it's a bit risky to go try and find something because I wouldn't know it when I see it, finally give up on this venture and be content playing the games we do have and maybe try emulating Joker 2. 

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No Idea what that means. That could be my problem?
I followed a guide when I installed it and got it working. YouTube videos can help too. Sorry I can't help more, I've been on vacation the past 3 days away from my PC.
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All links in that reddit post are give you 404 page not found or Private video. Although this does give me the Idea to decrypt and patch a file myself. Although one of the tools to do that on this tutorial I found is gone. https://gbatemp.net/threads/translation-dragon-quest-monsters-terrys-wonderland-3d.431204/. I did find a replacement though after digging in the comment section. Trying to do it myself now. 


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