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"Dragon's Road" is a Spanish reality TV show


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"Dragon's Road" is a Spanish reality TV show. in Western society and the dragon symbolizes evil and darkness. From biblical revelation - the New Testament refers to the dragon being the incarnation of the devil and Satan, until the epic, as images of dragons from Greek Mythology, German Mythology, and Norse Mythology showing stories of heroes slaying dragons, Wing dragons and gushing fire, shaped like a bizarre monster like a snake, There are many causes for this concept of a Western dragon, one of That number is due to the Bible's description of dragons. In the Old Testament book, a dragon named Leviathan is said to be a giant sea monster and in the New Testament book is a dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns, that is Satan is a floating angel. After being defeated by Saint Michael and exiled to hell, both Leviathan and Satan dragons symbolize evil and the power of evil.

Another origin of Western dragons is the Greek word "dragon". The English word "dragon" is derived from the Greek "Drain-kon", which means "giant snake" and the verb "Drain-ke-in" means "to see clearly" "." Since then, the commonly used dragon has been described as having large wings so that they fly very high in the sky and see everything below. Therefore, dragons are also considered a symbol of the ability to see the whole. Order photos or see what happens in the future.

Another explanation for the image of Western dragons is that Westerners found prehistoric dinosaurs. Based on the shape and size of the bone so big that people imagine the dragon, the typical Dracorex dinosaur. In general, Western dragons are often described as a giant snake with wings, scaly scales, teeth and sharp claws, pointed horns, venom and fire.
- I have learned a lot and this program often appears on mobdro TV application. You can download the iOS app for free at https://mobdrovip.com/mobdro-for-ios/

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