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Artwork of Astoltia [SPOILERS]

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So I recently purchased this DQX artbook that released in January and while it is too monstrously large for me to scan the entire thing (this would also mean having to unbind it) I did take a small handful of hi res scans of some interesting pages in case anyone wants to see them. I did the best I could without actually damaging the book. Some of this art is really beautiful, I wish I could include more of it. It's just a time consuming process to scan, straighten, and crop everything.

01 Cover.jpg

02 Spritesa.png

07 Langao Arena.jpg

05 Etene Before.jpg

06 Etene After.jpg

09 Elf Cap 1.jpg

10 Elf Cap 2.jpg

04 Sisters.jpg

08 Langao.jpg

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Nice! I received mine two days ago and I marvel at the number of artworks and concept arts. Oh and by the way, I believe there is what looks like an in-game bonus at the very end. I don't play DQX so if anyone is interested and want to have a look at the code to get something in X don't hesitate to PM me. 

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Yep, it's a code for a gesture in-game. Your character will sit down and start eating. The food will be different depending on your race.

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