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Theory about Erik and the Seer (Act 3/ Post-Game Spoilers)

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As mentioned in the title, this will be looking at major spoilers for the game. Having played XI S in full, I noticed some interesting connections between the characters of Erik and the Seer that I wanted to throw out there, and see if anyone else had any thoughts.



Shortly after meeting Erik in Heliodor, he informs the Luminary that he was told by a mysterious person called the Seer to find the Red Orb, and accompany the Luminary in order to atone for something (we later find out it relates to his sister, Mia). 

Fast forward to the World Tree's fall. In the Switch edition, Veronica's spell transports Erik to the Rock of Wrong, where he finds Indignus' forces beginning their assault on the Havens Above. Aided by a friendly Healslime called Healijah, he finds his way through the fortress. Healijah reveals himself to be the Seer and provides Erik the power to temporarily defeat Indignus, in exchange for his most precious possession (his memories). 

Move even further to Act 3, in the new timeline. The Seer appears before the party after Mordegon's death to aid them in finding a way to defeat Calasmos. She reveals that the Luminary of Legend, Erdwin, did not defeat Calasmos. He was struck down by his partner, Morcant, who was entranced by Calasmos' dark power, and corrupted into the Lord of Shadows, Mordegon. The Seer then reveals herself to in fact be Morcant, or at least, the good that lay within him when his soul was 'rent in two'. 


As you can see, Morcant is a vital influence in Erik's story, guiding him to meet the Luminary and later return to him, before revealing himself to the party as a whole. I believe that they are related in some way.

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I'll begin with the easiest aspect: physical appearance. In the entire game, I was only able to find four people with blue hair and blue eyes: Erik, his sister Mia, the Seer, and Morcant. Erik's hair is a frequently noted part of his appearance, notably in the Echo Chamber's rendition of Weaver's Peak, and when afflicted with Shypox. 

Now I'll look at the connections between these characters and the region of Sniflheim. During the course of the story, we find that Erik and his sister are orphans, with no known family beyond each other, and their Viking guardians/employers/masters. Beyond this, we know that they have lived in the Sniflheim region for most of their lives, having acquired the regional accent. It is possible, though not 100% certain, that they are native to this region.

Morcant has strong ties to the Sniflheim region himself. Having been the original mage to seal away Krystalinda in the Witch's Tome, he is an important figure of legend there. Books relating to magical power that he wrote can be found in the nearby Royal Library, as well as his own personal study. According to Snorri, and a book in Snifleheim Palace, the kingdom was founded by scholars and intellectuals making use of the Royal Library. Morcant is revealed to be of noble birth, with sufficient wealth and power, it may be possible that Morcant's family are tied to the scholars that founded Sniflheim, and are also based in this region. Obviously, considering Morcant's fate, it is highly unlikely that Erik and Mia are his direct descendants, instead being connected to the family he left behind.

Finally, I shall look at the role of these characters. The relationship between the modern allies of the Luminary and the four heroes of legend focuses on the roles that each person serves. The Luminary is treated as the reincarnation of Erdwin, his predecessor. Serena and Veronica are explicitly treated as the reincarnation of the sage Serenica, dividing her characteristics and powers between themselves. 'Eight' is an explicit successor to Drustan, having been born of the kingdom that he founded, and following in his footsteps as a powerful warrior (following the trial at the Kingsbarrow, I believe that Sylvando also embodies Drustan to an extent, reinventing the role with characteristic flair). As a powerful sorcerer who would later master the arts of Angri-La, as well as the spells that Morcant himself wrote and left in Sniflheim's library, Rab is the most overt candidate to fill the sorcerer's role in the modern age. However, much like Serenica and Drustan, I believe that Morcant's role is divided in the modern day between two people. Erik retains some of Morcant's physical qualities, and also fills his most important role.

Erik was the Luminary's first, and most stalwart, companion. They spent the majority of the game together, beginning with the escape from Heliodor. I believe that the Seer instructed Erik to find the Red Orb, and follow the Luminary, in order to fulfil the role that he ultimately failed; to aid the Luminary in defeating the Dark One. 

Of course, these links may not necessarily be the strongest; a decent portion of this theory is based in speculation, though I'd like think that these small connections were an intentional way of deconstructing and reinventing the original four within the player's team. Please let me know what you think of these ideas, anything you might want to add, or theories of your own!

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