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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Origami

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Nice.  Shame it's not on the US site.  Probably won't be as Origami isn't nearly as popular here.  Thanks for sharing.

Um, thinking about this.  You know what I'd love to see for Builders 3?  Cross-over game packs.  The Legend of Zelda and the Legend of Celda for the Switch (along with potential Mario, Kirby, and even Samus...would be sweet to run around DQB3 with Samus' suit and have two options, gun attack w/charge, and missiles :)), and maybe Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts for PS4/5, along with maybe Mana at some point for both systems.

DQB's world feels so much at home with Zelda, especially the Builder's hat in 1, and the revision of the original hat you can unlock in 2.  Plus the way Erdrick's Shield is designed in Builders, gives it a Zelda look.  It seems like Dragon Quest 3's Erdrick Shield was the basis for the design aesthetic for A Link to the Past's Fighter's Shield, which was then revised into the Hylian Shield for Ocarina of Time, and it seems like the form it took in OoT is based on the US artwork for the "Shield of Heroes," in terms of format, when then inspired the eventual changes in Japan with the DQ3 remake artwork, which altered the shape further to something far more similar to the Hylian Shield in OoT.

Nevermind, DQ3 Famicom had two different art styles for the Shield.  Those where Erdrick is actually holding it, and it's a round Shield, the other is the art style the US team used as a basis for their "Shield of Heroes," though they both look different (Erdrick's Crest is smaller in the US, and pops out of the top portion of the shield, literally, the wings pop out and away from the shield):


Kind of a boomerang effect.

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