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How to make money on DQX?

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Hey guys!

Sorry if this question was asked before but I have been looking online for a detailed guide regarding making money on DQX but I can't find anyone that guide me how to make money because everything selling on bazaars (weapons, armors, etc) are so expensive like 50-100K or even more and I have been struggling to get enough money doing quests or farming monters...

I heard that crafting is a good way to make money but again I can't find a reliable guide how or where to start it (quest or anything) or if there's an easier way to make money fast in game (like farming monsters or anything like that) because even though I have been loving this game the two weeks I have been playing it, the lack of money to upgrade my gear is a big let down for me...

Thanks in advance for all your replays and I'll be waiting for them!

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Daily subjugation (talk to the purple dot at the gate of every town and kill a certain amount of monsters in a certain location), crafting, and bazaar selling have been the top money making methods for me.

Don't worry about upgrading your gear early since past level 28, you'll have to farm monsters for the more powerful stuff.

I made a list of all the guides I personally use for the game:

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Hey Ryan!

Thanks again for taking the time to replay to my noob questions posts lol 😅

Thanks for the daily subjugation recommendation, I didn't know that even exists but I'll definitely check it!

Also thank you very much for the link with all DQX guides and recommendations.

I'm currently at lv.50 but I have been just leveling farming monsters for exp and gold so I hadn't even started V.1 online story just passed the intro Langao part where you fight the first boss, but now that Main Story quest is taking me to Glen and others races capitals to collect key emblems, I guess I'll start doing the Warrior quests to unlock my vocation armor and skills to use it at least until I can make enough gold to buy a better crafted armor.

Again thanks for your quick replay bro, you're awsome! and if you remind later another tip to make money or a crafting guide please don't hesitate to share it with me. 😉👍🏻

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