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Unable to complete quest 445?

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So, I've been kinda scratching my head here, wondering why I'm unable to clear quest 445. I remember going to this campsite before during the V1 story, but now it doesn't seem to be here any more since I'm on the V2 story???? So, how am I supposed to complete this exactly? The campsite literally just doesn't exist any more, lol. I visited the location and it's just a pond surrounded by ice.

I also notice there's more water located near the bottom right on the quest map, yet on my map it shows more land in that area. This more or less leads me to believe that a certain event hasn't taken place yet or maybe one already took place and that's why the campsite is no longer here. Either way, I've tried looking up Youtube videos and stuff, but haven't had much success since the player is able to easily access the campsite and finish the mission without any trouble. I wouldn't care too much, but it does give another free skill reset as a reward, so yeah... It'd be nice if I could finish this, lol.

quest map:


my current map:


See what I mean though? The layout of the land is different for some reason.

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5 hours ago, rendell said:

The map is different because the area is in the past world. 

You need to travel back in time by taking the train.


I'm not sure if I can do that just yet. You're talking about when like the train went through space and stuff, then disappeared, right? Looks like it broke through the space-time continuum, lol.

I don't know where that train would be though. If I had to guess, I'd say it miiiiiiiight be the "????????" option on the menu for destinations. I just thought that was going to allow me to go back to the last area of V1 though in case I wanted to fight the final boss again (since the area had the same name).

EDIT: Yep, that did it, lol. Thanks.

Quest 445 map3.png

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