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As I am finaly getting close to the very last boss of Joker 3 Pro, I saw a difficulty pick increase, and not wanting to be stuck at one boss battle for months, I decided using Joker 3 as a way to farm rare monsters and then transfer them to J3P might be a good idea. 

To some extant it actually was. You can apparently transfer the same monster over and over again (I have now two Malrothes in J3P). But as I kept getting pretty good monsters in reular Joker 3 (namely Zoma and Estark Break), I realized that I couldn't transfer them over to J3P, and I was curious to know if any of you had any idea on how/why. I don't think it is a size issue, as some 1 spot monsters won't be available either, and I'm pretty sure it's not that these monsters aren't in J3P, since Zoma definitely is in it.

Maybe it's a time thing, like I have to wait some time before bein able to transfer a monster over to J3P? I don't know your guess is a good as mine. So if you have any idea about this issue... Well, I'd love to hear it! 

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When transferring from DQM2 3DS, I noticed similar things. I believe you're capped in rank, and it also depends on what skill sets they have; some will transfer, some won't. I tried using this to get some fancy skills in Pro from DQM2 3DS but it wouldn't let me. It's somewhat inconsistent. 

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Well, turns out I managed to get it to work! 

I chose the first option, when you click to import monsters from either M2 or J3, which is basically a way to import data from the game. Once the data are updated, then the latest monsters you've caught are selectable to import. 

Also, should you have done the fondude quest, that gives you a rainbow fondude, I remarked that every time I fuse a monster with it, I get two monsters: the one I chose to get, and a copy of the rainbow fondude with the same +number than the fused monster. 

Like, when fusing my Break Estark SS+25 with the Rainbow Fondude A+25, I got a Break Estark SS+50 (the one I wanted) AND a Rainbow Fondude A+50. Which will be more than useful to strengthen my Shadroth and any other monsters. :D

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